CORONAVIRUS – entry restrictions to Poland for foreigners

23 March 2020

Poland introduces measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. Since march 15th 2020, entry to Poland is restricted for foreigners. 

According to current regulations, only the foreigners meeting one of the mentioned criteria are allowed to enter Poland:

  1. are the spouses / children of Polish citizens or remain under the constant care of Polish citizens,
  2. hold the Pole’s  Card,
  3. are the diplomats or their family members,
  4. hold the right of permanent / temporary residence permit in Poland,
  5. hold the document that entitles them to work in Poland,
  6. operate a means of transport for the carriage of goods.

Additionally, foreigners that do not meet the aforementioned criteria can request the admission to Poland. Such a motion will be examined by chief of the border guard unit, who can allow for the entry only in the exceptionally justified cases.

All the restrictions are valid until revoked.

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